Championship English-Cream Golden Retrievers!




About Our Goldens

Our Retrievers are beautiful English-Cream Goldens, known for their sweet temperaments. They are part of the family, and love to play and roam our ten rolling acres. 

We have also participated in dog shows and they hold National and International Championships from the IABCA (International All-Breed Canine Association). Their full pedigrees and pictures of their parents and ancestors are available by clicking the link with each dog below.

Cotton and Crepe Stella by Starlight

Stella is a gorgeous, sweet southern lady with an impressive resume. Her lineage has numerous blue-blooded AKC registered English Cream champions. She is ICT, PRA 1, and PRA 2 clear by parentage. OFA hips are good, and elbows are normal.

Stella is AKC registered and also the winner of numerous awards, including IABCA puppy (3-6 months) national and international championship, and Best of Breed and Best of Sporting Group in one IABCA show.

Lake Country of Cotton Flannery Oh!

This beautiful sweet girl has the most loving personality and is fully Genetic Health cleared by parentage.  

Flannery is also an IABCA National and International Champion in the 3-6 Mo Baby Division.

Cotton Top's Jax on the Moonwalk

Jax is our big, beautiful, sweet, & loyal sire. He loves to play and will fetch a ball or romp with the kids all day long. He lives with us as part of the family.

Jax is fully AKC registered, and is an International Champion from IABCA (International All-Breed Canine Association). 

Texas Whites Ajax the Greater

This handsome sire has the most charming personality. He is owned by Joseph Embry, DVM.

Ajax also has OFA clearances and is PRA 1, PRA 2, and ICT clear.

Texas Whites Southern Magnolia

Magnolia is certainly a fitting name for this beautiful southern belle! She is owned by Joseph Embry, DVM.

OFA pending. PRA 1 and 2, and ICT non-affected. 

Texas Whites Athena Primus Invictus

Athena is such gentle and sweet lady! She is owned by Joseph Embry, DVM.

OFA clearances and PRA 1 and 2, and ICT Clear

In Loving Memory...

Cotton Fields O' Home Dixieland Jazzy Girl

I (Sandra) have been putting off making this announcement because we were just overwhelmed.

Dixie was in labor but not progressing (a stuck puppy?) We were advised to do a C-section, which we did. We were blessed with 7 healthy pups, 2 females , 5 males. 

But due to complications from the surgery, we lost Dixie. Yes, she is gone!

I can hardly wrap my head around this, and I am heartbroken. I see her everywhere. . . Here in my living room, always thumping her tail, prancing across the field (I called her my prancy movie star), just everywhere.

I think of that fluffy pup I brought home 6 years ago. I had never before purchased a pup from pictures. When I expressed my hesitancy, the breeder, Tom Evans, assured me he would refund my deposit if I didn’t like her.

Like her!!?? I LOVED her - the most beautiful puppy I had ever seen! And what a sweet, sweet dog. From her nearly perfect form, the most expressive eyes imaginable - and especially her goodness and gentleness, my Dixie girl - perfect in every way. ❤️

Dixie lived up the the Jazzy Girl part of her name for sure. She was sweet, beautiful, and oh those eyes!! She was very gentle, a great mom and LOVED people.

As for the pups. They all did great. (We were exhausted.) They nursed off those bottles like champs, 8 times a day. Now they are grown, and moved off into homes of their own.

Their mama, Dixie will live on forever in our memories.